The Life Story Challenge

taught by Emma Fulenwider
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  • 10.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Family!
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Step 1: decide to write your memoir
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Step 2: write a word
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Step 3: write about today
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Step 4: draw a map
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Step 5: chart your life
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Step 6: set the scene
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Step 7: historic context
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Step 8: life ripples
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Step 9: what matters most
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Step 10: your family tree
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Step 11: remember, record, repeat
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Step 12: get a buddy
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Course description


Life Story writing has been used to treat depression in older adults for over 20 years. It has also been shown to - 

  • increase self-acceptance
  • promote tolerance
  • lower fear of death
  • renew inner purpose

Why not practice Life Story NOW instead of waiting until you are "old enough" to write your memoirs?

Our easy 10-week challenge makes it easy for you to begin practicing Life Story for personal development and emotional health.

Sign up here to get instant access to the full 40-page workbook, plus these BONUS materials:

  • Memoir for personal development
  • Interviewing family members
  • the "Family Story Time Game"

Sound good? Great! Let's get started!

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Emma Fulenwider
Emma Fulenwider
The Lifestorian™️

I'm a former journalist turned stay-at-home mom with the coolest job ever. I help people write their memoirs!

My mission is to make memoir writing affordable and accessible to writers and non-writers alike. By bringing memoir out of the typewriter age and into the internet age, I hope to see a world where more people experience the luxury of a lasting legacy. To encourage life reflection so that more people can live emotionally healthy lives, at peace with themselves and also with those around them.